Land Surveying is crucial to responsible land development. Land Surveyors work with engineers, architects and builders to produce precise descriptions (surveys and maps) of surface features of the Earth. Land Surveyors perform a variety of vital tasks such as boundary surveys, topographic mapping and construction staking.

Land surveying is a career field in high demand throughout industry, government and the private sector. Learn more about being a land surveyor...

Colleges & Universities Offering Land Surveying

Watch these videos to learn more...

California Land Surveyors Assocaition Video

CSU Fresno Video

New Mexico State University Video

Utah Valley University Video

Land Surveying as a Career Video

Monument Protection



Approximately 16 hours of videos and manual.  Manual will be shipped to your address. Video links will be emailed and provided as an annual subscription. Subscriptions are not prorated. Link will expire on December 31, 2022.

Topics: Topics included are based on the current NCEES Fundaments of Surveying (FS) exam specifications and recommended knowledge.

Presenters: Dane Courville, PLS and Knud Hermansen, PLS, PE, Ph.D.

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